The Process

Touchstone recognizes that your reputation is your most valuable asset, and we deliver with the service quality your customers expect in order to maintain and grow your customer relationships.

Touchstone offers coverage better than a national firm, with the passion and service qualities of a regional operator. Building on years of experience and discussions with numerous claims adjusters and managers about the day-to-day problems in handling claims, Touchstone delivers:

End-to-End claims process management and monitoring, where we

We also offer the convenience and ease of

-Toll-free, centralized contact for assignments,
-Toll-free, centralized contact for you and your customers, and
-A single point of contact for billing and account services.

Our goal is to satisfy you and your clients in an effective and efficient manner. Our process monitoring and management methodology ensures that

-Contact is made timely,
-Work is performed efficiently and effectively,
-Service quality is professional, and
-Files are closed promptly.


Touchstone Claims Solutions
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