About Us

Touchstone Claims Solutions is a company that was created by claims professionals that realized that there was a gap between the needs of the insurance companies and the service options for field assignments. We came to realize that in order for the insurance companies to get the best service on a national level, there needed to be a company that assisted them with their processes and vendor management.

Based in Boise, ID, one of the fastest growing areas of the country, we are centrally located to offer service and be open during the business hours for all time zones in the United States. This allows customers the ability to function without time delays due to time differences.

We believe that in order to service the client, we must make what they do easier, not create more layers of work. Our company believes that processes should improve the functionality of all parties involved. That is why we one of our founders comes from a Fortune 100 company that built process models for high tech companies to solve their problems with handling support and technical issues.

We understand that at the basic level, a claim is a series of events that must be completed to accomplish a final result. However, those events are not all the same, and must be managed. Some of it can be automated, but many things within a claim must have human intervention. For a claims department, this can be time consuming, that is where Touchstone comes in, we manage the process and the vendors, allowing more time for the claims staff to do what they do best, handle claims.


Touchstone Claims Solutions
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